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January 10, 2010



Huet angst, eh? Now you know how us LA Kings fans used to feel.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Welcome to the place, Dayna.
Is that a photo of a Walter Payton figurine of some kind? Because I really like it.
Anyway, this has been going on for awhile now, this Huet Angst.
Whispered mostly.
But it's almost like he's got an on/off switch, and he's not always the guy in control of it.


The outfits on those ice [females] makes my skin crawl.

You don't see guys dressed up [down] in hot pants, g-strings or whatever at female sporting events do you? Thankfully not.

Tim@Cubby Blue

You sound a little bit wound up about this so...
not touchin' this one.


I like to refer to Huet as the Kevin Gregg of the NHL. I much prefer Niemi. Him and his four shut outs of amazing.

Don't get me wrong, Huet and his three shutouts are something Gregg could never do, but giving up a large lead and then ending up losing? Who does that remind you of?

For a second I had forgotten that after all, the Hawks are still a Chicago team. I think they did too. It's not like they should never lose, but what.a.way.to.lose. You know?

Tim@Cubby Blue

I just went back about 5 posts because I thought you were the second person to refer to Huet as "Kevin Gregg".
Couldn't find it.
But it's a great comparison.
Hopefully, it won't ring so true as the season goes along.


I hope not! He'd been pretty consistent for a while, so hopefully he can come back stronger. I'm still upset that the last time Niemi came in for him against the Stars, he got the loss for giving up ONE goal and not you know, the FOUR that Huet gave up. See? Another Gregg comparison. He'd force the Starting pitcher into a no decision, but HE'D end up with the win. These stats can get really funky sometimes.


Oh no! We're transforming our Cubs Angst into Blackhawks Angst! I don't know if I'm ready for that!

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