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January 09, 2010



Boy...that's not how I'd run something...

Put together a committee and ask them how to do my job?

The best recommendation they could give ol' Bud (not me...I'm "young Bud", here on this site) is to RESIGN!

The steroid scandal and the resulting phony HR derby alone was sufficient. But there have been a lot more examples of total abdication of leadership, or worse yet...cluelessness and inactivity while serving as a highly-paid lackey for the collusive owners.

(Why do you think Bud gets $14.5 million per year?)

There's an old saying: "lead, follow, or get out of the way".

There's no "leading" going on. Unless we're happy watching this combed-over moron "following" the owner's money-hungry cabal, the only recommendation would be to get out of the way.

And don't worry, Bud...there's always politics. You could put your skills to great use in Washington. There's lot's of folks just like you down there!

FYI...you may want to reference:



I'm actually okay with the way Selig handled steroids in baseball. No other sport (outside of the Olympics) has really taken such a consistent and strong approach, at least in the last decade.

Also, I'm really excited about baseball developing internationally, and that's something Selig has really pushed for, even recently proposing a Global World Series with Japan (our winner vs. theirs):


Additionally, I'm wary of anything I read on the Bleacher Report. They tend to produce sensational articles without many (any?) concrete citations, which is really not responsible journalism.


"...okay with the way Selig handled steroids"?


What exactly did Bud Selig do in the 7 years between the farcical 1998 McGwire - Sosa HR derby and the long-overdue 2005 proposal of suspensions for users?

Oh yeah...he did announce annonymous testing in 2004 and "counseling" as a penalty for undisclosed users.

Somehow, when Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds blew themselves up into acne-ridden, jawbone-growing, head-size-expanding, short-tempered freaks of nature who proceeded to wipe out the records of REAL baseball players like Henry Aaron, Roger Maris and Babe Ruth, all Bud Selig saw was $14.5 million a year coming at him from the owners who were loving the return of the fans they'd alienated after the 1994 strike debacle.

And by the way, guess who cancelled the rest of the strike-shortened 1994 baseball season? That's right, the owner's hand-picked successor to ousted Fay Vincent, ex-owner Bud Selig.

Bud needn't have worried about preserving the integrity of the game; it wasn't in his job description. He was acting under the owner's newly conceived definition of the role of commissioner so as to exclude his ability to "act in the best interests of baseball".

And he never has.

When your kids ask you "who was the greatest HR-hitter of all time?", are you really gonna tell them it was that balloon-headed, churlish, juiced-up, perjurer Barry Bonds?

Barry Bonds coudn't carry Ken Griffey's jockstrap...let alone Henry Aaron's.

This is Bud Selig's legacy to generations to come of baseball fans.

And I don't really need to trust "The Bleacher Report" (or for that matter any other blog-site) to tell me what seems so obvious to most people.

Tim@Cubby Blue

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Passion is good.
Keep it up.

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