Despite contractual angst, there's alot of Cubs Spring goodness.

If you just forget that Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Javy Baez need new contracts, things are actually pretty cool in Mesa.
It's just baseball.
KB hit his first springdinger.
Joc Pederson looks like a total beast.
Bummer for Cameron Maybin, but Jake Marisnick's calf healed and he's looking really good for outfielder #4.
Bleacher Nation says, "After today's performances, Jake Marisnick (1.500) has overtaken Joc Pederson (1.442) for the Cubs spring OPS lead."  (that statement has the usual "small sample" warning of course).
Pedro Strop got out of Covid-cheating jail and into the save column yesterday. Just great seeing him out there smiling in a Cubs uni again.
Trevor Williams, the guy who grew up in a Cub Fan household, will more than likely be the #4 starter after looking so good this spring.
Jake Arrieta has... well we all know about the slider(s), but he's got this curve that's really working for him. And he's sharing knowledge with Adbert Alzolay which seems to be making Adbert better. 
Willson Contreras has 9 hits in 29 at bats, 3 of 'em homers. 
We all know who's gonna be starting position-wise except at 2nd, except wait... it's going to be Nico Hoerner, right?
We got to hear Pat Hughes. 
The Cubs hired a female announcer for the first time in their history, Beth Mowins, and she was awesome in her debut yesterday.
There's just a ton of good stuff going on, and fan-wise you have to be feeling pretty dang good going into... real baseball games.
That's just 11 days away at 1:20 vs the Pirates. 

What else?
The other night, I realized that I had the grill going and... IT WAS STILL BRIGHT DAYLIGHT OUTSIDE!
Summer is gonna be here in no time, which makes me SO HAPPY.
What makes me sad?
Finding an xacto blade in a drawer.
Go Cubs.
Oh yeah, the Javy Baez painting.
That's Javy with his bat that can splatter baseballs. 

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