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January 24, 2022



Hmmm - NASCAR???

Why not? I remember the 1994 strike and what it did to baseball fandom (me included). Like your brother, it took me years to even want to attend another MLB game. Another protracted strike/lockout combined with what our Cubs did to blow up our team last year would again take me years to recover from .

And I don't have that many years...

Rich Beckman

Old Lang Sign!!!! HA!!

"There's been a lot of personal stuff." Including dental work, it seems. Whatever it is, I hope all works out to the good.

My last straw with Rogers was the whole vacination BS. I went on record then that I'd rather the Packers lose without him than win with him. Then they go an lose with him. I would much perfer he is not a Packer next year. I would feel that way even if they had managed to win the Super Bowl.

I may have to endure a few losses to the Bears, but not for the first time.

That was a great four games!!

Good on Andy Reid to say that he was glad to be on the right side of it, but that the OT rules become absurd in a playoff game.

I'm a Cubs fan. I cannot imagine circumstances that would stop me from being a Cubs fan. Whenever the season starts, I'll be paying close attention to and rooting for the Cubs. Strike or no strike, a team of no names or of stars, I'll be paying close attention to and rooting for the Cubs.

I like the Rogers painting. There's the mantra that one should visulize the result and then attain it! Look like a bum, become one.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hey Bud! I'm in your club too!
Rich! Yeah Rodgers turned out to be kind of a sneak, and I wasn't expecting that. And trust me, I HOPE HE'S NOT A PACKER NEXT YEAR TOO!
I didn't stop being a fan the last time they had a strike, and I doubt I would this time should it happen. But it sure is boneheaded.


Three levels of "fandom":
1. I'm a fan.
2. I'm NOT a fan.
3 I'm a pissed off and disappointed fan.

Lot's of us are going to be #3's next year. I'm likely one of them.

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