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November 29, 2021


Rich Beckman

Love the art! Especially the face of the dog in the chair! The ArchBishop is great, but I had to Google Godley. I'm pretty sure I've only seen one thing he has been in. The trailor for The Great looks, well, great! But I do not have Hulu. I would have Hulu if they still had the Marquee Network!

Anyway, I have noticed that nothing much seems to be happening with the Cubs. Am I just out of date that most of the off season moves happened in January/February? I've just been assuming that things would happen eventually.

My brother the Bears fan can't wait for Nagy and Pace to be gone. The sooner the better!!!

I bought some stocks several months ago. I now get lots of emails trying to sell me stock tips offering a special rate that is only good til midnight. Apparantly they mean midnight of some date in the year 2100 since the same offer will arrive tomarrow!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Rich!
Thanks on the art front!
And so far the Cubs got a new backup catcher, Yan Gomes. Ex-Yankee outfielder Clint Frazier. And yesterday starting pitcher Marcus Stroman - one of the best remaining free agent pitchers for 3 yrs/71 mil. So... Stroman is significant!
Fingers crossed on Nagy/Pace.
And I thought at first you were talking about Packers stock!
I think all you have to do is google "stock tips" and you'll be inundated with that crap.

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