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October 06, 2021



Dodgers (best team money can buy) beat the Giants last night... game ended on an absolute horseshit check swing 3rd strike call. Where's the accountability for umpires who make these wrong calls that decide, not just a game... but a playoff series???

Now (Friday evening) the Ass-tros are leading the Red Sox 5-3 in the bottom of the 8th. And I'm praying...

Please Lord - do NOT give us a WS between the two baseball teams I most despise... Ass-tros and the Dodgers.

Cheatball vs. Moneyball... yech!!!

Tim@Cubby Blue

omg Bud I KNOW!
Would be the worst ws since White Sox/Astros.
That umpire had a really bad night, and it's been pretty prevalent in other games as well.
Did you see Brewers 3b Luis Urias "catch" that foul?
Kris Bryant get 2 balls called strikes in the same at bat?
You know I hate what cameras and instant replay have done to the game, but now that we're this far down the path to making baseball a video game, they should just get rid of human umpires and go all the way.
The Urias catch, without instant replay, would totally have been a believable catch.
No one would have argued.
But if you're gonna use the cameras, then use them for real.

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