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July 30, 2021



One of my first introductions to the "money wins over emotional market considerations" philosophy was when General Motors dropped the Oldsmobile brand in 2004. People who loved that car were shocked. My buddy and next door neighbor's father had a 1959 Olds 98 that we thought was the coolest car ever. To me and my buddies, owning an Olds was an aspirational goal.

No matter. To GM, it was just a financial decision. Customer affinity for the brand was secondary to practical decisions based on cash flow, future projected costs, net profits etc., etc. And so, they pulled the plug and Oldsmobile was no more.

Ask a 20 year-old today what they think about the Oldsmobile and they'll look at you as if you're nuts.

The Ricketts et al know this too.

Ask a 20 year-old Wrigley-loving Cubs fan in 2025 what they think about the Cubs giving up on Rizzo, Bryant, Baez and Kimbrel back in 2021 and you'll get the same reaction. Who???

They knew that today. We don't matter. I know that today as well.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I was at Leo when that "this is not your father's oldsmobile" campaign came out.
I still hear that line to this day, just not from any kids.
I get corporate thinking.
I get that capitalism demands to eat or it dies.
I get turnover.
I'm just sad.
Did they have to blow it up to such an unrecognizable form?


I’m searching for a pony in yesterday’s pile of horseshit.

So I just got done perusing the Baseball Reference page for Caleb Kilian - the 24 year-old AA pitcher we got from SFG yesterday. His numbers are freaking amazing! The guy is a control pitcher - ERA around 2.5 with less than one walk and more than ten KO’s per 9 innings. Seems like a young Kyle Hendricks???

Of course, there are a LOT of guys whose numbers look “freaking amazing” at AA - but we can dream, right?

Tim@Cubby Blue

Bud youre already healing, brother!

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