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May 28, 2021




I just had to hop on to CB this AM to satisfy my curiosity. How the hell will Tim Souers find a way to create a visual of what el Mago just did???

Well sir - you did it! A picture is worth a thousand words!!!

I swear, Javy is inside the head of most MLB players: Oh shit, it's HIM!!! Should I try to tag him? What if he does that dipsy-do off-hand to the bag switch? Oh boy...I've got this base stolen! But wait...oh shit, it's HIM! I better slide waaaay off the bag and then, um and then? Oh shit I missed the bag!!! Son-of-a-bee! What's that clown up to NOW? Is he really gonna try to steal home? I better hurry up and deliver this pitch. Oh shit! It's a GD wild pitch - @%*&@!!! OK "el Mago" - 2 strikes. You're finished! Here comes your sucker-pitch - low and away, out-of-the-zone! Holy shit... he HIT that freakin ball! Holy shit...a HR on THAT pitch!!! It just ain't fair!

No it's not fair guys. It's magic!!!

Rich Beckman

The picture is right on, for sure!!

Javy is a baseball savant. What instincts!

I laughed and laughed...then there's Rizzo laughing and I laughed and laughed...

Hell, I'm still laughing!

Tim@Cubby Blue

The shot of the dugout was priceless. Baseball is fun with Javy for sure. 

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