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March 28, 2021


Rich Beckman

Wow. Just two days!! It will be sooo nice.

Good luck with the job app! (I suspect it would represent a serious decrease in your income, but it might still be worth it!!)

Slightly apropos of the "Love at First Painting," it brought to mind a Dan Bern lyric:

"When this girl walks in and the universe kind of stopped
Turned out she drank the same tea as me
It don't take more than that to start a conversation sometimes"

Fingers crossed for Maples.


Maybe you could offer them a package deal...throw in some original, collectible Cubby-Blue artwork for their printed programs! There have to be a LOT of folks in the Cubs organization who've seen your work before?

Oh yeah...one last thing. In your commissioned painting, did the ballplayer in the game on the TV behind the bar have to be a NY Skanky? Early 70's...I'd think Ernie Banks would have been the perfect choice!

Seriously Tim... I LOVE your artwork and I bet someone with a keen eye for team promotion would jump on the chance to have a REAL creative talent, pro-marketing guy and a genuine fan all wrapped up in one hire!

Then when you and the Cubs come to AZ you can leave me a couple tickets at will-call and I'll buy you a beer (or two) after the game!

Go Cubs!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Rich and Bud, I'm sure you've noticed that I can't respond directly to your comments. I'll reach out and see if there's something that can be done but in the meantime this'll have to do.
Rich... I follow Dan Bern on Spotify but I just looked and... after mangling his hand in a snowblower accident, he released 3 ALBUMS IN 2020! Now I have to listen to them all. The first song on "Rivalry" is called "Opening Day". It appears to be an entire album of songs about baseball. Unreal.
I may have to paint that. Like this morning.

The commissioned painting was a wonderful collab between me and the commissioner, and his dad was a HUGE Yankee fan, his fav player being Thurman Munson.
And the Cubs... they have been doing things with the arts an artists. You've seen this about Kate Lynn Lewis, right? https://www.mlb.com/press-release/press-release-cubs-kate-lynn-lewis-limited-edition-collection-celebrating-women
Anyway, I keep telling people that if I'm the Cubs, I hire a woman to be the Wrigley announcer. And that's actually my true hope. But if I won the lotto, I'd for sure leave you a couple tix.

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