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October 03, 2020



Thanks Tim...

Your take on this season is the same as mine, and I suspect most of the Cubs fan base. We all needed this "season" as an escape from all the other negativity in the world today. I would have loved for our team to advance deeper into the playoffs. But I can't tell you how grateful I am to have been able to watch or listen to those 62 games that somehow transported me back to a simpler, less angst-ridden time.

As for the future of the team, I'm not sure I buy into the recently proposed criticism that our bats can't handle today's pitching velocity. Just because some 22 year-old phenoms (see Tatis,Jr., Soto, Robert, et al) have faced more 99 mph pitching does not mean that gifted athletes like Rizzo, Bryant, Baez, et al can't adapt to different pitch selection and strategy. Besides, if you want to be overly-ready to jump a 97 mph 2-seamer, I know some guys like Hendricks and Darvish and Kershaw who can still tie you up in knots.

Do we need different ballplayers? Maybe. Do we need a different offensive strategy? Probably. Will I be back next year to watch my Cubbies? God willing - yes!

Thanks Tim...and now go Bears (with their new U-of-A QB)!!!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hey Bud,
Well this thing still isn't right - I can't reply to your comment, but at least I can put one up after yours.
Anyway, yeah.
I'm sure there will be a number of changes, and the pandemic's economic attack will be a big part of that as well.
If nothing else, it'll be veeery interesting.
Go Cubs!

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