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October 10, 2020



(Sorry Tim...if this is too "hot" for CB, just delete and I'll understand)

I just realized...I missed the NBA Championship, won tonight by the Lakers.

I'm watching a good Vikings @ Seahawks game. And I'm switching off to watch the Rays vs. the Ass-tros. Our team (that would be anyone playing the Ass-tros) is up 2-1 after 7 innings.

Two good ballgames.

Then my phone just "dinged" to alert me that the Lakers won the NBA Championship. I never watched - and the NBA playoff ratings have cratered, so it's not just me. I just wasn't interested. Now some people would accuse me of some anti-BLM motivation because I prefer to watch MLB and NFL.

Sorry, but that's BS.

Sports fans just want to see good games (ANY sport). Sports fans who are social activists also want to see good games. But social activists who are NOT sports fans want to turn sports into a soapbox for activism. It'll never work.

Let me give you an analogy:

If Donald Trump bought the Cubs and then made the players all wear MAGA hats (and the league was dumb enough to allow it) as much as I love the Cubs, I wouldn't watch. And a lot of Trump supporters would also not watch.

We watch the games to ESCAPE the angst we encounter in our everyday life. It's not that we don't care about the pressing issues of everyday life. It's just that we want more (or maybe less?) from the games we watch. The NBA will make changes...I guarantee it.

So will America.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Yeah Bud, I just got away from this on other social platforms.
I disagree with you, but not here.

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