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October 26, 2020



Couple thoughts:

- World Series: In an era of free agency and player mobility and Scott Boras, it's hard (impossible?) for a team with a $39M payroll to beat one with a $107M payroll. That's a LOT more unfair to the game than the shift.

- The shift: Unlike rampant big market team spending, this one is easy to fix. Virtually EVERY major sport has strict rules regarding player positioning. If basketball won't let you camp out in the paint, and football can require at least 7 players on the line of scrimmage, and soccer and hockey can have off sides violations, then MLB can certainly require proportional defensive alignment.

Sorry to disagree with you Tim, but "rewarding" a hitter who beats a shift speaks to the very unfair nature of the shift. Let's get rid of it.

- White Sox manager: Do you suppose Tony LaRussa (76) probably got the interview because Lou Pinella (77) and Bobby Cox (79) were considered too old? By the way, "young" Sparky Anderson (76) is still available.

Is this the year of the old fogie? I'm younger than all of those guys (as well as both presidential candidates). Put me in coach!!!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Bud,
The difference in payroll is astonishing, and yeah... the Rays will forever be the underdog as long as that's how their ownership will run the team.
The shift, I don't think there's any way that they'll just get rid of it. Maybe. It's been around forever. (https://atmlb.com/3mussbZ), just been razor sharpened with analytics.
Baseball wants more scoring to make it more exciting.. we'll see.
As far as White Sox manager... that is one hard decision for them. Why have they not brought up Bochy? He's made it clear he wants to manage again, and a spring chicken at 65.

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