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June 11, 2020



Is there a better day in a kid's life than when his hometown MLB team drafts him in the 1st round? I hope young Mr. Howard realizes how blessed he is - not 1 out of 10,000 kids who ever played baseball could come close to the skills that he was given by God (or whatever you believe in).

As for MLB and the players impasse, we need someone more level-headed than what either side has demonstrated to step up and say:"look, we are gonna lose a shitload of fans if we piss away this season" (pardon my French).

This is a tough time. Our country has been blindsided by this coronavirus, the economic meltdown that resulted, the horrible killing of George Floyd and the protests / riots that followed, and the now the potential loss of the one place we can escape from the ugliness that the world has to offer: baseball. Most of us remember the canceled 1994 season. All I can say is that I pray that, this time next year, we will be past all of our 2020 nightmares.

I want to just come to Cubby-Blue again, with nothing to discuss but how well our Cubbies are doing. Play ball!

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