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April 30, 2020



The Zoom idea has merit, Tim. It might look strange in the ballpark itself, but we fans wouldn't be in the ballpark itself, we'd be home watching on TV. In that case, a split screen with an inset of the Zoomers would give some sense of fan reactions and noise. And, on TV they can put in a 10-20 second delay of both the game and the Zoom-feed to weed out the creeps. Let's do it!

And on a more somber note, for me the whole "testing" conundrum ignores one reality that's NOT being discussed. A negative test today does not prevent someone from contracting the virus tomorrow (especially after attending a sporting event). We'll NEVER have enough tests to repeatedly test everyone. We need therapeutics (treatments) and ultimately a vaccine.

Bottom line, even with ten times the testing capacity that we have now, people are going to be paranoid about sitting in a tightly packed stadium or arena. This is gonna be a long haul. And even when it's supposedly "over" it won't be the same.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Nail right on the head, Bud.


Another comment worth considering (from my son): "Zoom might be interesting, but the best way to get the feel of a game is to have players mic'ed up". I agree...a ballgame with players, coaches and fans reactions artfully intermingled into the broadcast would be spectacular.

The only caveat (for me) would be that I DO NOT like it when a ballgame broadcast cuts away from the action on the field and the camera is trained on the announcers, their witticisms and snappy banter with one another (can you say ESPN?).

C'mon MLB...let's play ball... I'll watch!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Agree - the Bryant/Rizzo mic game was so fantastic.

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