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March 09, 2020



I know it's "just spring training", but one word comes to mind... Enigma.

How to feel about (let alone explain) this performance so far in ST by our Cubs?

Out of 30 MLB teams, Cactus and Grapefruit leagues combined, here's where our Cubbies stand;

Offense: Batting Avg,: .283 (1st). Runs scored: 125 (2nd to Oakland w/ 128 (but they've played one more game than the Cubs).

Pitching: ERA: 5.75 (tied for 27th) Runs allowed: 127 (30th = worst in MLB)

You could argue that we are the best offensive team and the shittiest pitching team so far, based on spring training.

Like I said...I know - it's OST (only spring training). But it's OST for everyone else too. I guess we'll know more starting a few weeks from now.

Prediction: Happ and Almora will not both be in a Cubs uniform at the end of this year. Do we really need two 25 year-old promising players vying for the same regular starting CF position? You'd think that either of them could bring us a promising young pitcher?

Oh, by the way, why not give Hendrick's the ball for opening day? I think he's earned it. Let's see if David Ross has the managerial chutzpah to tell his buddy Jon Lester that Kyle's getting the ball on day one? (And if he does, Lester will probably respond by shutting out the Brewers in game 2 on 3/28!)

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hey Bud!
I think the numbers are encouraging for the bats and sort of expected for pitching. They basically have an open call for everybody else's rejected or recovering relievers right now - whoever does well might stick. And like... Wick's story - really a crappy ERA but he's developing another pitch and the coaches want him to work on it so I won't worry about him til the season starts. The rest...I will worry about them.
But how about Chatwood?
I know how long you've been a Cub fan, and I think it's in our blood to pull for the underdog - nothing would make me happier than to have our #5 actually be kind of filthy.
Hendricks has already said, because he's such a cool guy, that he expects the honor of opening day to go to Lester or Darvish, and if I were a betting man I'd say it's Yu. He's #8 on this list of potential Cy Young guys in this MLB article: https://www.mlb.com/news/predicting-mlb-cy-young-winners-2020

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