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October 29, 2019



Nuthin' better than a game 7 in the World Series. And nuthin' stranger than a series where the home team lost the first 6 games! Imagine how many fans shelled out how much moolah to attend those kick in the gut home losses?!!!

Just meandering through a few topics this morning.

I've been reading about all the various opinions on the use of computerized strike zones. The umpires say things like "be careful what you wish for". I suppose there are a lot of downsides we fans may not have considered. They're experimenting with it in the AZ Fall League and there are actually instances of players arguing a computer-generated strike call!

So I got this weird idea this morning and I can't get it out of my head. Here goes:

Let the umpires continue to call the balls and strikes as always. But we go to the computer strike/ball call to settle a "player appeal" of any given pitch - one appeal allowed per at bat. If the batter is wrong, he's out. If the pitcher is wrong, the batter gets first base.

If you put the risk of being wrong on the player, I don't think you'd see many guys appealing a call. Most would just shut up and accept the umpire's judgement... kinda like the way the game was designed in the first place!

Finally...the pumpkin spice thing, I don't get it either.

After all, what exactly does a pumpkin smell like? For me, anything pumpkin I've ever been served smells like all the OTHER spices they've added to it!

Oh well.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hey Bud,
I think that makes perfect sense except one thing - the problem apparently is that the computer system isn't quite working yet. Otherwise, there'd be serious talk about just switching over. So like, if you argued and it went to a review, the review would be the thing that people "up there" are saying isn't right yet. They've got all the camera angles to input information, they've got the rectangular strike zone, but still they don't trust it yet. BUT... should they ever get 100% happy with it, then an intermediate step like you're talking about would be ideal.
Again - I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT CAMERAS AND ROBOTS MAKING CALLS IN BASEBALL AND STILL THINK THE GAME IS BETTER WITH 100% UMPS MAKING ALL THE CALLS. But the second they put the camera on the field to "help" with home run calls, they opened Pandora's box and now I just can't wait for them to go all in.
A blown call on a strike is every bit as important as a blown call on a home run.
And now, something you'll really love.
Take your next bottle of Jack and give it Pumpkin Spice! https://www.tastefullyeclectic.com/pumpkin-spice-bourbon-whiskey/


Yikes!...Pumpkin Spice Bourbon???

The closest I can get to that is maybe a slice of pumpkin pie alongside my Jack Daniels while I watch the Bears and Lions battle it out for last place in the NFC North.

I can't watch the Bears these days without Mr. Jack.

Tim@Cubby Blue

HAHAHA! Good call.

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