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December 24, 2018



Merry Christmas Tim! I keep vascillating about the prospect of signing Harper. In the end, I'll support whatever the braintrust decides, we owe them that! Wishing you are great 2019!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I don't think there's a chance in hell, but whatever... EVERYONE talks about it.
Tell you what, I am really getting sick of people spending so much time talking about bad signings.
I mean, sure Theo can do wrong, but the level of respect that guy commands from me is off the charts.
I will praise him, Jed and the rest of the staff forever.

Rich Beckman

Merry Christmas, Tim!!

Tim@Cubby Blue

...and a Happy New Year to you, Rich!


Tell you what...

I'll take the team that Theo and Jed and Joe put on the field next year. We won 95 games last year in an injury-plagued season, and now there's some odd restless discontent. Do these concerned fans think that every free agent worth a damn belongs on the Cubs?

Guess what? Some of those free agents might turn out to be a net negative on this team.

You don't build a dominant team by throwing hundreds of millions at every decent ballplayer who happens to have achieved free agent status this year.

You do it by building team chemistry and camaraderie, veteran leadership, management (on and off field), coaching, training, medical staff and a BIG dose of good luck.

We still have as good a foundation as I ever remember the Cubs having during the lean years. Let's enjoy what we've had, what we will have to open the season and 162 hopefully competitive games next year.

I like our chances. And so should any REAL Cubs fan...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Bud,
Yeah, I haven't been freaking out about anything Cubs because the Bears have been so good and taking up all the space in my sports brain.
I wanna see how they freshen the bullpen, and otherwise I think I'll keep enjoying the few precious holiday days off.

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