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December 31, 2018



You get old enough, and you realize things.

Like they don't do stuff the way they did when you were younger. Your grandpa said it. Your dad said it. And now it's your turn to say it. How about a little perspective?

Some (many?) of us here are too young to remember the early days of baseball free agency. In 1978, when the Phillies signed Pete Rose for the unheard of sum of $800K per year. MLB writers and fans alike were shocked! By golly, that was nearly SIX times the average MLB salary at the time! Commissioner Bowie Kuhn joined the hue and cry, saying free-agent bidding would "inevitably lead to a group of elite teams controlling the sport".

The AVERAGE MLB player salary last year was $4.38 million. Good ballplayers who are free agents get, guess what?... about SIX times that.

The sport is not ruined.

Today, I watch TV ads and see marketers who are not interested in me and my demographic. They're courting customers in ways I don't understand. Life moves on, but most of us older guys remain stuck with our opinions that were formed long ago.

So yeah, times change. The winter is no longer the "off season". Decisions that are made in Jan-Feb-Mar have as much impact on next year's team as ones that are made at any time during the season.

They don't do stuff the way they did when we were younger.

Tell your kids...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Bud,
Oh I know.
We can't not pay attention to this time of year.
But maybe I should take a vaca from all the social stuff.
I read one article at the Athletic that actually claimed the Cubs will be better next year with a healthy Bryant and Darvish - you wouldn't believe how rare that kind of article is. And it seems so obvious.
Anyway, that article still ended with it sure would be nice to get Harper.

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