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November 28, 2018



Addison Russell has been tendered a contract by the Cubs. So many opinions. So much condemnation and outrage.

My question to all those expressing those opinions is simple: what do you know? The fact is that, yes, Addison could be guilty of even more than anyone has revealed, far more than what some of his defenders may have imagined.

But if that's true, then the opposite possibility can also exist. He may be guilty of less.

The truth is that we don't have the facts. We only have the actions of those who supposedly DO have the facts. We have the actions of MLB (40 game suspension), actions of the Cubs (tendered a $4M contract renewal), and the actions of Addison himself (offered an apology and has sought treatment).

To all of those either screaming in outrage on the one hand, or trying to portray Addison as unfairly accused on the other, I would say this:

"You don't have the facts. You'll just have to trust that those involved did and acted appropriately".

Try this for a hypothetical: If you were part of jury sitting in judgement of Addison Russell for the crime of domestic abuse and all you knew so far is what you know now, could you enter into deliberations and offer a verdict? Or would you say...we need more information?

I would...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Yep. I give up talking about it til there’s more. 

Matt Maldre

My morning commute crosses paths with yours. I work at the Chicago Tribune (technically Tribune Content Agency). I walk from Ogilvie Transportation Center eastbound into the Prudential Building, and then up to the Chicago Tribune floors.

Since we moved in this April, I'm finding the building to be a lot of fun. The Score live-broadcasting the Cubs postseason rally in the lobby this year was fun. I got Sandberg's autograph on a printout of game 7 World Series scorecard. :)

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Matt!

I’m in NY totally slammed on a shoot. Leo Burnett used to be in the Prudential when I worked there. The elevators used to SLAM shut. Like someone coulda died. I have a Sutcliffe story about that somewhere on the blog I’ll try to find. 
And try that Soprafina coffee!! It’s a screaming deal!!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Matt, read this. True story... https://www.cubby-blue.com/my_weblog/2013/08/the-day-i-saved-rick-sutcliffe-from-an-elevator-cartoon.html

Matt Maldre

Oh man. That story totally cracked me up. Here Sutcliffe is trying to get on an elevator when suddenly a dude on the elevator yells at him, "NOOOOOOOO!" LOLOLOLOL Sutcliffe must have thought, "I'm not getting on the elevator with that crazy guy!"

Thank you for saving Sutcliffe.

And here, I didn't do anything to save Ryne Sandberg. Instead I stalked him at his radio show. Before the show he ducked into a room under the escalators. I found that odd. He was in there for a few minutes before the show. I thought it was some sort of private lobby waiting room. A couple weeks later, I explored under the escalators. They are washrooms! Ryno, I'm sorry I stalked you outside the bathroom door!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Well at least you had the good sense to not follow him all the way into the bathroom. That woulda been call the cops time...

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