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July 31, 2018


Cire Ddot Nekliw

Yes, ARoid is such the beacon of integrity. Who'd a thunk we'd be more concerned about Pittsburgh than St Looie. But....Let's Go Cubs! I hope we don't trade Bote or Happ. Every year is different, we just need to go on a tear for about a month or so and steamroll into the postseason.....If we get anything out of Yu it's a bonus this year, but I'm putting out the good karma for him.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Cards trade Pham for prospects...
It's weird seeing these kinds of headlines come out of St. Louis.
I think Yu's gonna be a nice big boost when he comes back.
(And don't forget about Smyly.)
For the playoffs, Cubs will need that.


Lessons we all should know by now. You gotta put your brain in gear before you open your mouth (or your Twitter account).

That's a good message for A-Rod. Here's a couple more:

I remember being told once that when you compose an angry memo or reply to an E-mail you should let it sit for 24 hrs. before you hit "send". I always did. And most of the time it never got sent.

Another piece of good advice: "How would you like for THAT to be a headline in tomorrow's newspaper?" Also "How would you like to be asked about THAT on a witness stand someday?"

When these athletes sign their first contract, they should be required to hear a presentation about foot-in-mouth disease. Sometimes the only time a guy takes his foot out of his mouth is put the other foot in!

Old saying: "It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt." - Abraham Lincoln

Tim@Cubby Blue

Never heard that one from Mr. Lincoln!
And I totally do the waiting period before hitting send.
Maybe not 24 hours, but still...
Great advice.


Going to the game tonight with some friends. This is the game we chose after our June 18th game was postponed because of rain. Now we get to deal with the peace march heading to Wrigley. How's that for luck?

Tim@Cubby Blue

Ruh Roh.
Hadn't heard about that, Donna.
Well, bring 'em good luck anyway!

Maris Cinelli

Ugh..I don't know why ESPN lets ARoid on the air sometimes. The dude has diarrhea of the mouth (and constipation of the brain). If it were just Rossy and Mendoza calling games for ESPN, I might actually watch them.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Yeah. Love the other two. 

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