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July 23, 2018


Maris Cinelli

"...8th where somebody yanked the lawn mower cord of the Big Blue Machine and the Cubs just went crazy."

This made me literally LOL. Better half and I have a joke whenever Bryant and Rizzo do something completely insane, one after the other, that's "behold the power of this fully operational Bryzzo!" Well, the Bryzzo may not be fully operational at the moment, but it is at least on and warming up.

Q has been more Quinsistent lately at least. Even Chatwood wasn't completely and utterly horrible, somehow.


I'm loving this season! I totally trust Theo (and the money guys) to solve the pitching issues. Meanwhile, because I like stats, I created a 5-team NLC division consisting of the last 5 Cubs teams after 98 games:

1. 2016 Cubs 59-39 .602

2. 2018 Cubs 58-40 .592

3. 2015 Cubs 52-46 .531

4. 2017 Cubs 51-47 .520

5. 2014 Cubs 41-57 .418

Just look at what we've accomplished over a 5 year period (and be thankful!). Our 2018 Cubs are neck and neck with our 2016 World Series Champions!

OK...I hate to wish bad things for my home state Diamondbacks.

But I do...

Tim@Cubby Blue

There was a glimmer of hope in the Chatwood start.
Still the walks, but...
That 8th inning was a nonstop yell fest.
I forgot the toll it takes since I hadn't seen something like that live in a long time.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I hear the D-Backs have that problem, which isn't surprising.
The entire time I lived there, 7 years, I only met one person who was actually from the state.
Bud thanks for that fantastic graphic.
We are good!

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