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October 15, 2016



Beautiful! I can just imagine how stunning your water color is in real life. I keep thinking about your W-L tiles too. I certainly hope you turn that into a poster and sell it. That would be one-stop Christmas shopping for me!

Pretending to do things around the house now, but I'm really just waiting for the game to start. Enjoy your time with your dad!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Can the hours please pick up?
Did you see Kershaw going tomorrow night?

Rich Beckman

HA! Happy NLCS!!!

I agree with Donna, that is a beautiful rendering of Wrigley.

Amazing game tonight! Baez steals home! (1st steal of home in the post season since 1907 I believe). Montero hits a pinch hit slam! (only third post season pinch slam ever)

Hendricks vs Kershaw tomorrow. I feel good about our chances!

Greatest Season Ever!

Tim@Cubby Blue

My wife gave me one of those hideous Cubs Hawain shirts - the ones with a hundred little logos and drawings on them. They're like a Ditka sweater, only for the Cubs.
Anyway, I love it of course, and wore it in downtown Prescott yesterday.
SO MANY people were like, "Hey cool shirt."
I'm gonna need to calm down.
Last night there were a herd of javalina outside my dad's house.
I thought there was a landslide they were so loud.
Now, I'm sleep deprived and crazy with last night's excitement.

Rich Beckman

BTW, your choice of viewing venue and company is way, way cool.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Rich.
Its SO awesome. Were having a blast.

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