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October 22, 2016



Great post Tim! Feeling good but, you know, no sure thing. Was out on the ledge after Tuesday's game in LA, but back in now. I will be there tonight thanks to my friend whose wife decided to go see her parents in Louisville (Score!) and for game 7 if necessary. Chafin' about Chapman - doesn't seem himself. Could it be simply that he's wanting to dictate when he comes into games? Don't see him on the 2017 Cubs. OK, let's get this done!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I was just on a conference call.
I know whatever I said didn't make any sense.
So I kinda give.
I was toying with the idea of wandering down to the park, but then I can't paint.
So... I'm smoking ribs.
I cannot believe your luck and it makes me feel so good that actual Cub Fans (rather than just people with cash to spend because it's cool) are going!
I think he's having trouble with innings that aren't the 9th.
Can't think about next year yet.

Dave Moresi

Yes, this is a great day. I only wish my dad (who was The World's Greatest Living Cubs Fan) were here to enjoy it, along with both my grandfathers. I'll have to enjoy it for them.

Go Cubs, Go!!


I feel the same way about my dad, Dave. We lost him last October. He would have LOVED this season! I am wearing his Cubs sweatshirt tonight for good luck. Go Cubs! The Best Summer Ever.


It's hard to be eloquent when you're sitting here with tears unashamedly running down your cheeks...

I've been hanging out here on Cubby-Blue for many years now. We've all expressed a wide range of emotions. But I've never seen a post end in angst and despair. That's because we all believed and KNEW that this day was coming.

So now we're in the World Series for the first time in 71 years (1-1/2 years before I was born). No matter how old we are we all share one common characteristic: we've never given up on our Cubbies.

And we're not getting off the expectation express train yet.

There's more to come...and it's not going to take 71+ years.

Trust me...

Rich Beckman

And lead the way he did!!

The Cubs have won the National League Pennant!!!

Next stop for the Chicago Cubs is the World Series!!

I'm sure it has not really hit me yet.

There are hints that Schwarber may end up on the World Series roster....

Greatest Season Ever.

I am really enjoying your paintings this year. Another good one today!

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