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October 21, 2016


Cire Ddot Nekliw

I like the black fuzz coming out of Lester. He was foamy quite often last night, thanks to the crappy umpiring. Greatest Summer Ever returns to Wrigley Saturday night. Seems the Dodgers feel Kershaw and Jansen is a no brainer. I say nay nay.

Tim@Cubby Blue

They're not talking about Kyle Hendricks.
I love this matchup.


Funny sports commentary regarding the Cubs? We love it


I have this extremely loud and obnoxious family (a couple with two school-aged kids) in the apartment below me, and every time the Cubs do something bananas in the playoffs they absolutely lose it whooping and screaming, and ordinarily I'd tell my landlady about the noise, but I wanted to go down there and hug them all.

Every time Addison Russell hits one of those dingers, it's a semi-religious experience. The Cubs keep punching me right in the emotions over and over and over. Chills, man. Chills, goosebumps, happy tears, and sweet, glorious anticipation! May the Cubbernaut keep surging along!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Soundcloud.
There are bad internet issues today.
For instance, I can't get on Twitter.
Anyway, your link is experiencing the same problem.
I'll look later.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Oh my god that's EXACTLY what's happening with me, only I'm like your guys downstairs.
Both Russell bombs.
Instantaneous and earth shattering noise.
If any other neighbors are reading this, I apologize.
I can't help it.


Nervous. Nothing else to say.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Pardon my language, but it must have been a day like this when somebody invented the saying, "shit or go blind".
I don't know WHAT to do.
I just did the weirdest post, I think because I don't want to think too hard.


The teacher in me loved your post!  Not as easy as you make it sound.  I keep walking around the house making up things to do.  Gonna open up the cookbook and find the perfect play-off meal for tonight.  And then what?  Beer, wine, margaritas?  Champagne?  Cant wait.  Best Summer Ever!

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