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July 26, 2016


Cire Ddot Nekliw

My thoughts were all over the place, like when Kane had his "incident"in Buffalo. I will just say this, zero fucks given, just go out and win the whole fucking thing. Where are all those who jumped ship on Kane now? I say good riddance. This is the greatest summer ever, I will not tolerate whiny butt karma to influence my thoughts on this season. Just fucking win. And no, I am not a Trump supporter.

Kevin Johnson

It's perfectly natural to feel conflicted about the whole thing, but let's be honest... we're sports fans. We can overlook a lot of shady behavior, just as long as you play your ass off and our team wins.

Dennis Rodman head-butted a ref and kicked a cameraman in the groin. Along with the aforementioned "incident," Patrick Kane punched a cab driver. And guess what those guys brought to Chicago? 6 titles combined.

We disliked Milton Bradley, not because he was a "piece of shit" (Lou Pinella's words, not mine) but because he batted .257 on a team that missed the playoffs.

To use an anachronistic example, would you rather have Ty Cobb (a bully, womanizer, racist, and .366 lifetime batter who hustled on every single play in his career) or Jason Hayward (an all-around nice guy and great teammate who's contributed nothing offensively this year)?

Chapman is, by all accounts, a POS. But he throws the fastest fastball in the history of fast fastballs. And the Cardinals have not scored a run off of him since... 2011.

Who knows, maybe karma will come back to haunt us. Maybe he'll give up a home run to Matt Carpenter in Game 7 of the NLCS. And maybe Torres will become the next Derek Jeter.

But if we didn't sign Chapman, there's a strong possibility we would've seen him in the NLDS (pitching for the Nationals), the NLCS (pitching for the Giants), or the World Series (pitching for the Indians). Theo made the right move.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hey Eric and Kevin,
Yeah, to all that.
We're not in Kansas any more.
I get it.
I agree with this move, and the Cubs are so much better now.
Like I said, I moved on.
But like with Kane, that'll always be at the back of the brain like a little tumor.
It's baggage.


I'm with you on this, Tim. Kind of an icky feeling, but you have to move on. I thought Rosenbloom summed it up well in this Tribune article.

Rich Beckman

It is not often I share your angst, but this is one time I do and this gif captures it perfectly.

The only thing I like about this move is, as you say, Theo did it and he presumably did his homework.

Also, it tells me that he is not overly concerned about the somewhat inconsistent play of late. Theo going all in makes it easier for me to remain optimistic.

Rich Beckman

I disliked Bradley because he was unable to keep track of how many outs there were.

I would rather not have Ty Cobb. The alternative is not Hayward. There are a lot of baseball players, that you only have a choice of two is pretty rare. If you have the means to pay Cobb, you can pay whoever you want.

Kevin Johnson

I totally hear ya about Ty Cobb, Rich. He's definitely an extreme example. The more I think about it, I disliked Bradley because he was an on-field distraction. That's one thing that we've really managed to avoid during the Epstein/Maddon era. It really began when Epstein got rid of Zambrano. And I also remember when Junior Lake taunted the other team on his way to first base, and he was gone not long after that.

That being said, Chapman pretty much made an ass out of himself when he met with the Chicago media yesterday. I sincerely hope that from here on out, he keeps his mouth closed on the field, his hands to himself off the field, and just goes about his business.

Otherwise, we have other problems to worry about... If we're going to go far in the postseason, we need Arrieta and Lester to pitch like Arrieta and Lester, we need to stop leaving so many men on base, and Bryant needs to learn how to hit changeups (he's LAST in the league in at .065).


It's hard to put this into just a few words... I'll try.

We are all baseball fans...that's our job, I guess. The press is here to report interesting stories that get our attention. That's their job. And Theo is President of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs. That's his job.

Baseball operations (as in just win baby, just win).

For us fans, and for our sports columnists, we focus on how we FEEL about our Cubbies. But for Theo, he has this one added responsibility.

Win ballgames and championships. And then do it again.

That's how this GAME goes. Nothing is perfect for the fans, the writers and certainly not for management. You roll the dice and hope you don't crap out. Sometimes you do.

And every once in a while you order the rings and get a parade.

Enjoy the ride...

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