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January 28, 2016


Kevin Johnson

Just. Stay. Healthy.

Those are the words I'll be uttering all year like a mantra.

As long as we stay healthy, the sky is the limit.

I remember '04 like it was yesterday. Non-stop bad luck. And yet, we still won 89 games. That team would've won 105 games if Kerry and Prior had stayed healthy...

Oh, and if we had re-signed Lofton and dumped Patterson.

But anyway... water under the bridge.

2016. I'm ready.


I put up my new calendar and noticed that Monday is February, which means Spring Training is coming. I simply cannot wait for baseball!!


We play too...

Ballplayers play at baseball. We play at rooting for baseball.

The worst games to play were the ones where you knew going in that you were about to get your ass kicked...like that pickup three on three basketball game I was in once when my two teammates were a guy who's 5'-5" on tiptoes and another guy with a beer belly and a 4" vertical leap. Our opponents were 3 douches, ex-college players...givin' us the whole swag routine.

Guess who won?

So now I'm playing at rooting for our Cubs (like we do every year). And guess what? Our fans are positively LOADED! We expect to win. Bring on the Cards and Bucs fans... we're ready to compete!

Winners out. First to 20 pts. wins. You guys go ahead and take it out.

U can't touch this...

Rich Beckman

I got a good laugh from your painting, Tim. More laughs from the text! Thanks!

I look forward to getting lots of good laughs from this upcoming season (for some reason, a few years ago I started laughing heartily when good things happen to my teams.)

Here's a quick Youtube of the Pete Rose shot off of Lee Smith for the double play:


Tim@Cubby Blue

I'm SO GLAD to hear you say that, Kevin.
Sometimes I think I'm nuts.
To me, up until last year and what's going on now, 2003 was my personal fav best year ever as a Cub fan.
That's not a looking forward to thing.
Even with the painful end, that's a look back at the year thing.
And 2004.
Shit man.
It was in the bag.
Except for what you bring up.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I cannot wait to savor every W, Donna.
Plus, all the cool things that'll happen as we watch the team form.
Spring hurry!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I sense your excitement, Bud Jordan.
Coming soon!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Do you remember that play?
Can you believe how cool the internet is?
Because you could be at a bar somewhere trying to explain that and nobody would believe you.
Just... awesome.

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