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October 28, 2015



I can't bring myself to watch, so I'll have to depend on whatever you put here and what gets Tweeted. Ugh.

Rich Beckman

I did not tune in until the seventh inning. Stayed til the end. Great game! Especially since the Royals won.

I cannot remember if I have ever rooted for a New York team in any sport. I doubt it.

What a great idea to put the SI curse on Murphy. Well done.


Do I hate the Mets? Well, probably not...It's worse than that. I don't give a shit about the Mets.

We all love the Cubs. And my feelings for the Mets are the exact opposite. A smart person once said that the opposite of love is not hate, it's disinterest.

I'm 1,000 times more interested in what the Cubs are gonna do this winter to bolster the pitching staff? Do they have Schwarb-man shagging 100 fly balls a day or working out behind the plate? What's Lester doing to get over his problems making infield throws? How chronic are Soler's leg injury problems? And maybe most of all, who (if anyone) would Theo Jed and Joe think might be expendable?

World Series? If it ain't us, I don't care.

Go Blackhawks...

Tim@Cubby Blue

It's actually kind of awesome baseball.
And while I said I was miffed at the repetition of "the Mets blew away the Cubs", it's also kind of a thrill hearing them in that conversation.
It's also possible that after a couple more games, I'll have to pay attention to the Bears.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I watched thru 9, then did work in front of the tv for the rest.
Unbelievable game.


I heard the game last night was pretty awesome. It would have done my heart good to see DeGrom get hit around. Still ... not gonna watch it. Not bitter. I just have other things to do, like counting down the days until Spring Training. ;-)

Tim@Cubby Blue

Oh yeah!
The Hawks!
I'll check that out.
And for sure the Cubs are doing everything you mention, Bud.
It's gonna be fine.

Tim@Cubby Blue


Tim@Cubby Blue


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