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October 22, 2015



This season was more than we expected...WAY more.

I've written about "expectations" ad nauseam here this year. Please bear with me while I discuss this one last time for 2015.

Whenever you're providing oversight, whether over a child, an employee or a favorite sports team, you have some level of expectation for behavior, performance or results. In the worst case, your expectations might be very low. But sometimes your expectations can be too high, especially if you keep raising the bar as performance improves.

So the best case scenario is when reasonable expectations are exceeded. Everyone feels good about the outcome. Upon reflection, if performance is proven to be consistently improved, then you raise the bar...but not so high as to create a probability of failure.

Success breeds more success.

Our Cubs family, from management to players to bloggers and fans has had a GREAT year! Everyone earned the best review you can give..."exceeds expectations".

Thanks Cubs, thanks fellow Cubby-Bluers and a special thanks to you Tim!


Rich Beckman

"This season is about how the whole thing started."

Indeed. Even though the rebuilding started three(?) years ago, this is the year everyone will remember as the year that began the decade of dominance to come.

Thanks to the entire Cubs organization as well as the team. I am so happy I have stuck with the Cubs for all these years.

Thanks to you Tim for your wonderful paintings and your humor. This blog makes being a Cubs fan that much more fun.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hey Bud,
Yeah, I feel pretty dang good about the entire thing.
The coming years will be spectacular.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Keep sticking, Rich.
It'll only get better..

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