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September 16, 2015



I like how you put David Ross (#3) right next to Lester's ear. I think Ross' handling of Lester has been brilliant. He is one intense catcher and so much fun to watch.

My day is spent killing time waiting for the game to start. I love that feeling!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I'm out of town for weeks!
Killin' me.
Thank god for At Bat.

Kevin Johnson

...And that, my friends, is why we signed Jon Lester.

I honestly thought we were doomed after we had left so many guys on base. This is the type of game the Cubs lose pretty much every other year except 2015.

Also, the importance of David Ross in that game cannot be overstated. I hope Schwarber was taking notes. My favorite moment of the night (and one of my favorite moments of the year) was when Ross called in the infield in the 8th inning. I've never seen a catcher walk to the pitcher's mound specifically to talk to the infield and not even say a word to the pitcher. In that moment, he showed not only great leadership, but total confidence in Lester. What happens next? The no-out, two-on rally ends with a tailor-made double play. I hope Ross manages the Cubs someday.

As far as tonight goes... I don't know the stats, but I feel like we've always had problems with A.J. Burnett. And let's not kid ourselves, Arrieta has to lose a game again this season... right? The offense needs to score early if we have any chance tonight. And please, for the love of God, stop leaving men on base.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Thanks Kevin,
Yeah - No LOB please!

I wasn't able to watch, but heard most of game 2 on At Bat.
So I didn't see the Ross thing, but that's a fabulous moment!

I don't know how Burnett's pitched since his injury, but yeah I almost saw him no-hit the Cubs a couple years ago.

Cire Ddot Nekliw

Holy Schnikes, what a week! Lester was ON last night, he even picked off a guy! Jake da Snake goin for 20 vs an old boy from Arkansas, AJ Burnett. I'll have the MLB AtBat cranked up and a few Busch Light 24 ozers in da cooler! Go Cubs....Patrick Kane news tomorrow, gulp!


Bottom of the third. Cubs up 1-0, 2 outs. Then the angst begins:

- Starling Marte singles.
- Starling is a speed demon with 26 stolen bases.
- John Lester can't hold guys on.
- If Starling steals (almost guaranteed), tying run is on 2nd.
- Next up is Andrew McCutcheon - 5-time All-Star, MVP fast tracking to the HOF.

I say to myself..."we're screwed!"

Then the miracle that is 2015 kicks in and...


(Made him look silly, in fact!)

Lester hasn't picked a guy off since 2011. And our Cubs haven't played postseason baseball since 2008.

I don't care if it's one game and out. This year is already magical!

Enjoy it...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Can't even think about Kane right now.
What an amazing 12 innings and on the bases loaded double play I still cannot believe there wasn't a mishandle somewhere.
Cubs win.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Oh I am, Bud.
I am...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Shooting today, can't post anything but what an amazing game yesterday.
Due to it's length and importance, it's not unreasonable to call it "epic".

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