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September 14, 2015



A conversation with myself, just now...

Wow - 7 games vs. the Bucs and the Turdinals...all on the road!

Am I nervous? No I'm not, I say.

Why not, I ask myself? Do you really believe our Cubbies can beat these guys at home?

I don't know, I reply.

All I know is that these kids like to play. They're good. They're winning a lot of games. And they'll win some of these upcoming games.

And a LOT more games after that.

Relax. Enjoy it. It's good baseball. And that's all I ever wanted for September...

And October.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Ahhhh... the calm demeanor of a seasoned pro fan.
I'm gonna try to relax too, Bud.

Kevin Johnson

I really don't think the Cubs are going to blow the (steadily shrinking) 6.5 game Wild Card lead over the Giants, but a couple of things...

First off, for a sports town so unapologetically superstitious, can someone please explain to me why the Sun-Times put the Cubs Magic Number (13!!!) on the front page this weekend? I noticed it on Saturday and thought (yes, in an unapologetically superstitious way), "Well, there goes the ballgame tonight." And we both know what happened.

Then today, three days later, the Sun-Times pulls the EXACT SAME THING. Front cover... Magic Number 13!!! I know it's insane to think this way, but man oh man, enough already with the number 13...!

Ok, back to reality. I love Joe Maddon, but there is no excuse having Castro playing defense in the 8th inning of a tie game... in the most important series of the year, thus far. And then Baez, striking out after a 3-0 count... It's hard not to feel awful after a loss like that.

A part of me wants to be optimistic and say, "No matter what happens, this year was a success." And I said to many people at the beginning of the season that if they went 82-80, it'd be cause for celebration.

But that was in April. Things have changed dramatically. Once you have a 9.5 game lead over the defending champs in September, there's no turning back. They need to close this thing out. If they don't, will the season be a failure? Of course not. But these kids would feel absolutely terrible as a result, and an epic collapse could be extremely detrimental, psychologically-speaking, moving forward. I want these guys to feel good about themselves going into 2016. In order for that to happen, they need to get to that Wild Card game. If they lose it, no big deal. But again, there's no turning back.

And now, ladies and gentlemen... Jon Lester.


Tim@Cubby Blue

That's so awesome.
I hadn't seen the Sun Times, but just... perfect.
I have to resist almost every day the temptation to fall back to those days of black cats.
And now that the games are getting more and more important, Maddon's managing style will come way more into question.
The Baez at bat... oh my god did they not signal?
But anyway, how about Mr. Lester?

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