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August 20, 2014



Ah yes..."Under Seige"

The scene where Erika Eleniak pops out of the birthday cake was my favorite part!

Do you remember Seagal's perfectly appropriate line?

Sorry, but it's PG rated...

Tim@Cubby Blue

No but dying to hear.
And I absolutely remember the cake scene.

Rich Beckman

I heard on the WGN radio pregame that the MLB agreed with the Giants and the game will be completed tomorrow at, I think, 4:00.

That was the worse roll out of the tarp I have ever seen.

Don't the umpires get weather reports? Have access to radar? All he had to do was call for the tarp just a couple of minutes sooner. Surely the radar indicated a deluge was imminent. There was at least two minutes, probably closer to three, between the last out and the call for the tarp.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I either heard or read that this one had nothing show on the radar. And I'm telling you, it hit my back yard on it's way and it was SERIOUS RAIN.
Score one for Mother Nature!
I like it when computers aren't the know it all they're supposed to be.
But if I'm the guy in charge of tarps and there's a hint of humidity?
I am paying serious attention.


The Pisa Tower, ha! That's my artistic way of looking things! Bravo!!

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