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August 05, 2014



Living here in the Outback, I'll have to "watch" the Baez debut on MLB Gameday on my computer.

And please Cubs fans...keep the pressure off JB as much as possible. He'll strike out more than we'd like. He'll have his rookie mistakes (and all the nerves and mood swings that go with it). Let's remember that he's still just a kid.

Speaking of kids, the "Say Hey Kid" (Willie Mays) started out 0 for 12 after he was called up in 1951. But in his 13th AB he hit a HR off Warren Spahn. He hit 659 more before he hung them up.

It's not how you start...it's how you finish.

Rich Beckman

Great selfie! When you do it your way, you can really include a lot around you.

The game is on CSN+ (the most negative use of a plus sign imaginable, the ONLY broadcast option that excludes me) so I bet lots of Cub fans will not be watching. I won't be. I will follow along with MLB's Game Day or whatever it is called.

And tomorrow we leave on vacation, so I won't be seeing any games for a couple of weeks. Oh well, as Bud says, "It's not how you start..."

I do think the Front Office is often not completely upfront with the public.* They very much are aware of the need to manage expectations. In this case, I do not think he actually ever said Baez would not be called up. He said things like "that has no effect when Baez is called up." At least, that is my understanding. So, in this case they allowed people to believe he wasn't coming when he was. "Underpromise and overdeliver" is a very powerful business technique.

*I still think they are not going to be signing any big time position player free agents this off season although there seem to be plenty of people who have been led to believe they will. Pitchers, yes. Position players, only more guy like in previous seasons.

You do not fill holes until you know where they are and it is to soon to know.

Tim@Cubby Blue

If I were you, I'd still go to my cable and flip thru every channel just to make sure it didn't come on by magic.
That's happened for me a couple times.
Love the Willie comp.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Agreed with the holes thing.
Pitching will be huge.
Have a fabulous vaca, Rich!

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