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May 24, 2014



Cubs, Hawks, Bulls, Bears...

It makes no difference to me. When they suck, I'm pissed. But when they suck simultaneously, well, I'm REALLY pissed. And the owners, management, coaches and players should be the most pissed off.

More than us fans, right?

The number one key to winning is hating to lose. You start rationalizing the losses and they hurt a little less. And when the losses hurt less and the paychecks keep coming in anyway, maybe it's more tolerable than it should be. Just sayin'

Right now I'm the owner, coach and player of my golf game. And right now it SUCKS!


Rich Beckman

Who is Joel Quenneville?

OK, I Googled him. I know.

Yeah, Jackson sure pitched ugly. And the Cubs offense couldn't quite do it in the first, so they took the rest of the game off.

Oh well.

Tim@Cubby Blue

There's only one thing to do, Bud.
Fire the driver.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Did you actually watch the whole thing?
I bailed after inning #2.
Catching up on Game of Thrones.

Rich Beckman

Yes, I did watch the whole thing. But I cheat and practice guitar while watching, so it's time well spent regardless of how the game goes.


Funny Tim...

I actually ordered a new driver yesterday. The old one (think Brett Jackson) is going down. The new one (think Kris Bryant) is going to take me to the promised land!

Hope springs eternal...

Tim@Cubby Blue

I cheat and blog.

Tim@Cubby Blue


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