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January 10, 2014


Rich Beckman

I love the idea that the Division is going to be tough. There are some great seasons coming up!

Seems like there were two or three trades with Pittsburgh that amounted to the Cubs stealing from them. It always seemed like they just did not care.

Great cowbucs!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I know.
Whoda thunk?
ALEast might meet it's match...


Here's a real STRETCH analogy:

There are always 100 robins living within 1/2 mile of your home (the robins are the best ballplayers). There are 30 trees in your neighborhood (the trees are MLB teams). You have one tree in your backyard (that tree is the Cubs). In order for your tree to be the best tree in the neighborhood, you need 25 robins to land in it at the same time.

So how do you make your tree most attractive to a bunch of birds that can go almost anywhere they want?

You can't glue their feet to the branches. You can't put any more bird seed (money) in your tree than the others. You can't tell the birds that the weather is better in your backyard (they all fly south for the winter).

The only answer is to make sure that the best robins hatch from the nests in your familiar tree and that they stick around for a while before they get wanderlust (until you can add some new hatchlings).

It's all about having the tree with the most nests with the right eggs...

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