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December 17, 2013



I agree..."controlling destiny" is a bit of an oxymoron. And as for Desssstiny, I don't think anyone controlled her either!

Sorry beleaguered Michigan, but I was rooting against you this week.

As for the Lions, all I can say is that any team that employs Jim Schwartz AND Ndamukong Suh (and has such maniacal fans) deserves to get knocked out of first place by some skinny guy who can kick a football 61 yds. through and over the goalposts with 6 inches to spare. I swear the collective groan was at least 110 decibels. Music to a Bears fan's ears!

Moving on to college basketball, speaking of maniacal fans, what's with the University of Michigan yellow-shirted student body jumping up and down in unison like some cross between a Riverdance flashmob and a Zulu wedding ceremony? I'm surprised the stadium didn't collapse! Oh well, #1 Arizona beat them and stilled the human jumping beans!

And so, with the Ravens win over Detroit and UA's win over UM my anti-Michigan week is complete!

Can't fight destiny, right?

Tim@Cubby Blue

U of A is #1 right now?
What ever happened to Lute?

And, I'm no Ravens fan, but that was very nice.
Did you notice the Raven DBs?
It was crazy.
They would run towards the ballcarrier, they would make contact with their facemask in the ballcarrier's chest area causing a loud collision, and THEN... at the same time would wrap their arms around the ballcarrier until he fell down.
I saw this happen on numerous occasions, Bud.
I wonder what you call that.


Q-1. Yes, UA is #1 right now at 10-0. But they started 13-0 last year. There's this little second half hurdle that college basketball teams have to deal with called the conference schedule. You know, when you play REAL teams who might actually beat you?

But I give credit to UA coach Sean Miller. He's already played the likes of Duke and Michigan. I might actually get to see a hometown national championship!

Q-2. That defensive maneuver you described is rumored to be a "tackle". I can't be sure though, because as a Bears fan I don't get to see it much.

Maybe I'll go to a Pee-Wee league game. I hear they teach the maneuver there!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Wow, that's kind of amazing with the 10-0 Wildcats!
I'll have to pay attention.
And thanks for giving me that word, "tackle".
I do remember hearing that one time.

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