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December 26, 2013


Rich Beckman

Happy New Year, Tim. I'm confident that this year will be a much more exciting year for Cub fans, though there will still be some bumps.

Thanks for all the illustrations and posts over the past year. You really do enhance the whole experience of being a Cubs fan (and that's saying something, believe me.)

Rodgers is starting on Sunday! No excuses. Not that the Packers are going to need any.

There's my smack for the year.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Nice smack, Rich!
Seems like not that long ago the North was a pretty good division.
Now look.
Although sometimes I think Rodgers' influence on the Pack is way more than other qbs and their teams.
I can't wait to watch.
And thanks for the nice note, dude.


Ditto Rich's comments. I'm amazed that you can survive in the high-energy world you live in and still take the time to pay homage to the Cubs and Chicago fandom.

I hope you'll be able to continue with Cubby-Blue. I look forward to the World Series victory drawing!

Finally, it's a sad day for da Bears. But I think you gotta give props to Rodgers and the Packers. They gutted out a game they never should have won.

You gotta win the ones you ain't supposed to win...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hey Bud.
Yep, quite a bummer of an ending for this year's bears.
And thanks for the nice note!

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