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December 30, 2013


Rich Beckman

LOL!! The gif is hysterical. "Evolution!" "Entire drum solo from In A Gadda Da Vida"!!!!

It's amazing how people on the sidelines understood that the play was not over while the players on the field had no idea. I'm sure I've seen a similar play once before, but I do not remember where. I think it much more likely I will remember this.

What a great game. At, I think, 58 seconds left in the game I was pondering that I preferred the Packer offense on the field needing to score to win rather than the defense having to prevent a score. 30 seconds of game clock later, there was the defense needing to prevent a score...

On the edge of my seat throughout (except for the fourth quarter much of which I spent standing/pacing) with no clear idea of who was going to win. That's a great game!

I have to disagree a bit about the effect the drum solo from In A Gadda Da Vida had. It actually caused a rash of drum solos. For a while, if felt like everybody had to have one (though few ran three minutes, or whatever that came out to). Then, finally, everybody got sane again and they fell out of favor. My memory is not good enough to be able to cite any particular drum solos, but they were definitely part of the musical landscape late 60's early 70's.

Then the Lions could not beat the Vikings!! Geez, talk about falling apart!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I totally remember what you're talking about and yet not a single band or song comes to mind.
But you have to agree that after the dust settled, any drummer worth his salt would NOT be tempted to do a drum solo simply because of this freaky long one.
Congrats to you and the Packers and may you bite my ____.
Just kidding.
He was good.

If I'm whoever plays the Pack next, my life has been ruined by the return of that guy who.. I busted my collarbone in hs football practice when a 210 pound tight end fell on me. I weighed about 130. It hurt like you cannot imagine. And the Air Force docs x-rayed me and couldn't find a fracture so I had to go to practice the next day. I'll tell you about it some time here.
When what's his name rolled over Rodgers (the one where they threw a flag), I almost threw up just because that roll HAD to have pushed all the pain buttons in Rodgers' body.
Anyway, next year brother.
Next year.

Rich Beckman

My oldest sister is a huge Packers fan going back to kind of a crush on Bart Starr. She is why I'm a Packers fan.

Her three children are all Packers fans.

But her oldest son moved to Downers Grove a year ago or so and just recently his daughter (maybe nine or ten) came home wearing a Bears cap! She has gone to the dark side.

I asked if her father was at all conflicted between rooting for the Packers and not wanting his daughter disappointed. His wife replied "not as much as you might think."

Cheese is thicker than blood!

He did say he could live with her being a Bears fan, but he did not think he could stand it if she started rooting for the Cubs..."no one that young should have such disappointment." I think that was for my benefit.

They are all White Sox fans.

I've never had a broken bone (knock on wood). My sister broke her collarbone playing sandlot football. My only memory of it is that she was insistent that it hurt like the bejesus. I've no memory of her complaining about pain any other time. I look forward to your story someday.

Next year it is. And however that plays out, I reckon we will at least be happier Cubs fans!

Happy New Year!!


Thanks Tim, for making my head hurt TWICE...recalling the absurd play that cost the Bears the NFC North, and then trying to listen to that absurd drum solo (I didn't make it all the way through).

About 20 years ago I was at a get together with some folks my age and someone mentioned this song and I said I'd never heard of it. I was treated as if I were from another planet. Actually, what I was doing in 1968 was getting married and serving in the USAF, while most of the folks in that room were in college smoking pot and zoning out to songs like IGDV. Lot's of stuff happened in 1968 and I remember most (but not all) of it!

I guess I'm culturally retarded?

Happy New Year...Go Cubs!!!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Nothing better than family angst about team loyalty, Rich!
Makes the world go round.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Bud, EVERYBODY'S heard this song.
Did you ever see the first version of "Red Dragon" - it was called "Manhunter" (William Peterson!) and In A Gadda was the music for the horrid climactic scene.
If not, that's okay and thank you for serving!

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