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August 13, 2013



A midsummer's Cub fan's Blues:

We were swept into a tie for last place by the Reds...woe is us! Well maybe we can put on a reverse push for the number one pick?

Hard to miss what the king of hot streaks, Alphonso Soriano is up to with the New York Swankees: consecutive 2-HR nites with a total of 13 RBI's in his last 7-AB's. Don't know if you remember, but it took him his first 144 AB's this year to get 13 RBI's with the Cubs.

And the D-Backs just called up Tony Campana and he already helped win a game with a pinch hit bunt single to start a 7th inning rally. Then he stole 2nd, went to third on a WP and then scored on a base hit. The D-backs won by 1 in the 14th inning. Without Campana, they don't win that game.

I miss Tony. And I also miss the dollars were sending to the Swankees to pay for Soriano's latest hot streak!

Let the doldrums continue...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Our collective woes can't last but a couple more years, Bud!
I didn't hear about Campana.
If he actually learns to hit, he could be SOOOO good.

Rich Beckman

And add two more Reds victories....Love the illustration, sucks that it makes sense.

Oh well. Our time is coming.

The Cubs will change the routine in 2015!

Tim@Cubby Blue

You need to make the "Cubs will change the routine..." to something that rhymes and give it to Ernie.

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