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May 04, 2012



That was one of the worse Cubs losses I've experienced in while, and I couldn't quite figure out why at first. It wasn't a playoff game... I didn't have any expectations of this team being good this year...

But I think it was the fact that they started to play so much better during that Cincy series (even though it was just a rain-shortend 2-game series), and I allowed myself to believe (even a little bit) that this team was maybe just a little bit better then I thought. Not like a World Series team, but maybe a .500 team?

I mean, they were hitting home runs, producing runs, the pitching was amazing in Cincy... and then we lost the last game one of the most uggly ways possible... a bunch of walks and fielding errors.


Tim@Cubby Blue

Hey Chadbraham,
Totally agree.
It was weird seeing Sveum just...leave him in there.
But I figure hes just surveying the lay of the land and will deal with it somehow.
I really felt bad for Dempster, though, more than anything.

You know, personally for players - they gotta care about their stats, right?
Hes getting hosed.

Casey Chambers

This one really hurt. And poor outstanding Dempster should NOT have to sweat handing over the ball every time. Marmol, and I've posted this once before, is not the go-to guy. He's a "bite-your-nails just watching" pitcher. I have had little faith in Marmol for longer then I care to remember. Great drawing. Marmol is the poltergeist of cabinet doors and relief!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I just softened the drawing a little, replacing the mouth.
Kinda mean, that part.
But yeah, poor guy lost his mojo.
And its wreckin all my fun (not to mention Demps).


I totally agree with you about Dempster... what a let down. Plus, Dempster was the one that had just stood up for Marmol in the papers saying that he would do better if he pitched in a save situation.

I don't think it was Sveum's fault. At some point, you just have to go with a guy as your closer and give him confidence that he figures it out (he sort of got out of it the game before). There are a lot of top-shelf closers struggling right now like Marmol and the Cubs bullpen doesn't really have another option as a closer anyway. I know Dolis is the guy for now, but man... that guy walks a LOT of batters.

Basically, Sveum REALLY needed Marmol to figure it out, because there aren't any other good options for the Cubs at this point.

Personally, I feel that they should have sent Lendy Castillo back to Philly and kept Maine on the 25man roster. It would have been cool if Castillo worked out, but our bullpen is just too terrible to make room for an underperforming rule 5 pick. Maine could be our situational lefty, and Russel could close.


Funny, I was previously going to suggest that you include a drawing of him using the bathroom with the door open... symbolizing the embarrassment we all felt yesterday.

A toilet seat is just as good though.... nice work :)


Kudos to Sveum for acting quickly (and appropriately) closing out Carlos as closer.

I know a lot of folks will disagree on the new "closer-by-committee approach", but not me. I've always wondered when the game is on the line (in ANY later inning, frankly), why don't you manage to prevail in that particular situation?

So now we'll see Dolis, or maybe Russell or maybe even Marmol again...whoever gives us the best odds in a given situation, based on recent performance and the "hitter vs. pitcher book".

Just win baby...

Cire Ddot Nekliw

Dolis did ok today, he got the save. So what's going to happen to Marmol? Kerry wasn't so good today, but he's coming off the DL. Honestly, he and Marmol haven't been getting it done, is it time to let them sit for a bit? I'd like to know if the Cubs are considering bringing up Beliveau or Blake Parker....We all know our team's future is in the minor leagues, let's bring them up and give them their chance....

Rich Beckman

What is mind boggling to me is that Marmol has only blown two saves this year. I would have bet it was four at least!!

I guess that just goes to show that a blown save is a significant event.

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