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January 18, 2012


Rich Beckman

78 days to opening day.


Actually, arbitration is good. According to Bill James, who were part of the arbitration, they were called arbitrators (not "tribunal," as you mistook an ancient Roman office an equivalent of today's Supreme Court Judge combined with the Secretary of State). The arbitrators are respectable judges or former judges who volunteered to participate.

The arbitration is vital and a way for players to express themselves. Players believe they need to be paid more. The clubs don't agree. The players need somewhere to prove his case. Hence, arbitration. Here's more:


Tim@Cubby Blue


Tim@Cubby Blue

Thanks ChiTai.
I was just trying to make a funny.


Sure, but it didn't sound funny. You sounded like bashing the whole process (again, good for players).

Cire Ddot Nekliw

Has someone already said that this team reminds them of the Indians from Major League? Who are these &*^%$ guys? Well, at least there's NO pressure for them to be good...Theo's plan isn't to finish dead last so he can move them to North Carolina or something is it? On to other things, what do we know about Matthew Szczur except that he's donated bone marrow to a 15 month girl, helped Villanova win the FCS championship, and IMO, will be our center fielder sometime soon...

Tim@Cubby Blue

My fault then.

Tim@Cubby Blue

IF only we could count on the Cubs being as good as those Indians.
I do figure Byrd to be gone soon, and Szczur and Jackson to get some time out there.
Even if the Cubs are way out, thatll at least be cool to watch.

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