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December 05, 2011



I am in the process of feeling all three answers.

Which is a shame. This SHOULD be about Ron, and his killer career. Not us and our emotions, or the Hall and it's wee brain'd-ness.


Brilliant! A Monty Python moment for Ron. I'm sharing this.

My personal emotion is that "finally, all rest and well. Amen."

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Stats!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Chicagointaipei - thanks and nice one from you too.


Very conflicted indeed. Its easy to get upset about it, heck Cubs fans are pretty justified in being upset about it what with every sports announcer confirming what we already knew, this should have happened a long time ago.

But I wouldn't want anything negative to take anymore away from Ron's family so I hope they are enjoying this whole hardheartedly, because he does and always has deserved it.

Rich Beckman

I was surprised, amazed, exuberant and sad. I even cried a bit, half a bit for joy and half a bit for sadness.

I am glad you included this:

"Of course this is all wrong since really, I made this post about me."

Because Ron would never go with c.

But I would understand completely if he did. It is part of what I also feel.

Doesn't the Hall have a category for broadcasters? I thought they did, but I don't see evidence for that at the website.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Wonderland!
Long time no talkey.
Yeah, its a dicey thing and thats why I put the choices in here.
But of course the wish is that his family is happy...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Rich,
Yeah, I wanted to make that clear - who knows  what Ron thinks.
I only know what I think, and some of you guys..

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