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August 31, 2011



Nyay! Sure looks like fun up there eh? I got to watch last nights game. Could we get a sweep?

Rich Beckman

Yesterday I figured that Colvin is hitting .200 in August (.200 for the month and .200 since the 15th!). For the month he is 15 for 75 with 9! extra base hits. He went 1 for 3 last night so he ticked it up a bit.

Watching him I still feel that if he gets enough opportunities, he just might get it all figured out.

Hopefully, Wells has figured it out. Too soon to say for sure.

Nice sunrise on the lake. Looks like a decent vacation.


Loving the WI pics! Just returned from a weekend on Washington Island which was just beautiful. No fishing, just relaxing in a great house on the water that a friend of mine's brother owns and let us use. Stars, milky way and jupiter were incredible! Took 5 tries, but finally got to see my first win of the season on Aug 5th - can't ever remember it taking that long before. Who are you championing for GM? I'm not too hot on the guy from the Sox, but am intrigued by the possibility of Cashman, Epstein, Beane or the kid from Tampa. As usual, thanks for all the pics, drawings and stories.

Tim@Cubby Blue

These dang Bubble Cubs - I wish theyd fly or pop.
This middle is driving me crazy...

Tim@Cubby Blue

Doesnt the game start at like, midnight tomorrow?
Who can stay up for that?

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