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August 24, 2011


Rich Beckman

This is the problem. Geez, they played great tonight! It sure was fun to watch. But this does not mean that the team should not be dismantled!

Ramirez is playing great! But I would not trust him for next year. He has been too hot and cold. I suppose if he is playing his option next year then he would be playing for a contract and would still produce. Maybe this year is because he assumes the Cubs will take the buyout and he will be a free agent so THIS is the play for a contract year.

My preference is the Cubs do not bring him back. The fewer old vets the better. Let's see the kids play and watch a contending team develop!!

Ha! What's the bet that five years from now I'll be saying "Sign those free agents!"

Tim@Cubby Blue

I don't know about just letting Ramirez go.
Living through a whole summer of Jeff Baker or Blake DeWitt might make us loony, but we'll see.
And yes, the only certainty with you and me, Rich, is I'll contradict myself 5 minutes from now (let alone 5 years).


As to Mr. Bonds inability to remain upright, it's probably because he was top-heavy after his head magically expanded due to his unexpected reaction to the "cream and clear".

Poor guy! Now let's stop making fun of our heroic and gifted all-time MLB home-run champion!

As to the Cubs addiction to overpaid aging veterans...I'd like to point out how well that strategy has worked with Meltdown Bradley, Awful Soriano and Careless Zambrano!

I know, I know... we used to love "Z". But so did Jim Hendry. We were all wrong.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Ahh, Barry.
I wonder where Z is?
On a beach?
Maybe Ill run into the guy at Montrose Harbor.
I wonder if he tweets?
Id sign up for that one...

Rich Beckman

I suppose Ramirez is preferable to Baker or DeWitt all summer. Isn't there someone in the minors that plays third?

I do not really know, but it seems like those teams that build from within don't wait until the guy is clearly ready for the majors. They bring guys up and let them learn.

I'd rather watch the kids right now. Don't sign Ramirez, don't sign a first baseman. Bring up the kids. They are just more fun to watch.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Josh Vitters was supposed to be the guy.
Hes not ready.

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