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August 22, 2011



Funny stuff...the volume thing. We all do it!

A related observation is how when we're trying to communicate with someone doesnt speak very good English we sometimes talk sloooowerrr and LOUDER...as if they will be able to understand a foreign language if we just RAISE our voice and carefully pronounce every syllable!

I can see Mike Quade telling Starlin Castro after yesterday's game:

Now STARLIN...wheeenn theee BALL is beeeing PITCHED, I waaannnt my SHORTSTOP to beeee FACING the F******cking plaaaate!!! YOU KABEEESH STARLIN?!!!

I wonder...was Starlin thinking during this ass-reaming: "Yeah right Mike, I know where I'LL be next year. Where are you gonna be?"

(Oops...evil Bud took over my body for a moment!)

Tim@Cubby Blue

Bud, I COMPLETELY missed this.
I heard something on the score, but otherwise, what the hell?
Castro was turned around when a pitch was made?
How in the world did that happen?
And, Ive totally done the talking louder when Im the guy speaking the wrong language...

It is hilarious when you realize it...


Yep, it happened...here you go:



I think the comedy gods just dropped this story in your lap, Tim.


Tim@Cubby Blue

oh my god.
Ive NEVER seen that before.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I have a Cardinal fan who texted me last night, saying Holliday left the game because a bug flew in his ear.
I TOTALLY thought he was kidding.
And once again, heres a case for day baseball.


Omigod...I'd love to see how his teammates handled this one in the inner sanctum of the clubhouse. I bet he'll be getting some gifts left in his locker: Mothballs? Tweezers? Ear Muffs? How about an autographed picture of Joba Chamberlain being swarmed on the mound in Cleveland?

It must have been hilarious!!!

P.S. I just found this tidbit: "In 1946, a game between the Chicago Cubs and the Brooklyn Dodgers was called in the fifth inning because of gnats."

Tim@Cubby Blue

This post has the best comments!

Rich Beckman

I'm surprised no one has identified what kind of vehicle you drive by the illustration. And yeah, I turn up a radio that I was listening to when something happens that I want to hear.

I missed Castro mistake over the weekend. This is the first I've heard of it. But he did it again today (Wednesday)! Soto called time before the pitch was thrown but Castro had no clue the batter was in the box.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I got the "scrap photo" for radio reference off the net.
So my car shall remain a mystery, which is good since it's having it's 10 year anniversary this year.
I did not see or hear about another Castro mental hiccup last night.

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