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August 29, 2011



The key to how great a beer (or wine) tastes is WHERE you drink it, WHO you drink it with, and WHAT you're doing while you drink it.

You just hit the trifecta!

And this could be the year to end the great Souers walleye curse. But keep in mind that the best way to end a curse may well be to no longer give a shit about it!

Repeat after me: Furthermore...I don't care! And Furthermore...I STILL don't care! And Furthermore...I REALLY don't care!

Enjoy and RELAX.(Furthermore!)


You're really going to tease us like this? Tell us about this amazing, refreshing, different beer that we can only get in Wisconsin? Curse you and your big fish!

Tim@Cubby Blue

And Furthermore, thats a great idea, Bud!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Yep, because it is a big tease.
You gotta come to Wisco to try.
Go here for locations:


If your favorite team is the Cubs and your #2 choice is the Diamondbacks (I live in AZ now)...last night was the best day of the 2011 baseball season!

The Cubs kicked the Giants asses and beat Tim Lincecum at SFO. And the Diamondbacks kicked the Rockies asses at Chase Field to take a 5-game lead.

Maybe next year our Cubbies can copy the D-backs and go from last (almost) to first. It'll be under a different management team if it happens.

Tim@Cubby Blue

And the Giants appear to be folding their tent at the same time, Bud.
Not bad for AZ.

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