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August 25, 2011


Rich Beckman

I turned it on and it was already the second inning, still zip zip. Then I saw Wells was pitching and I thought the score in the corner of the screen must be wrong!

Nice to see Wells put it together.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Yeah, I like the guy.
Id like him as the #5, tho, and there were 4 guys better than him.
I wonder if they ever make Marshall a starter again?
All this bullpen work, hes got to have gotten better youd think.

Although, hes so awesome in his current role...


Sean Marshall?

IMHO, if they don't get him stretched out so as to be a starter again next year, they're making a big mistake.

Kid's a 29 year-old, late-blooming stud (and a starter)in my book.

Middle relievers who can burn innings are a dime-a-dozen. Set-up men who can hold a lead for a closer are valuable.

But a seasoned left-handed starting pitcher is priceless!

What do we have to lose?

Tim@Cubby Blue

Wow, that charged me up, Bud.
I have to admit, I went to a game once, I believe it was the Cards, Marshall starting, and he could not get an out.
It was awful.
I keep thinking about that.

But in the end, what the hell DO we have to lose?


When I was a kid growing up in NJ I was a big Brooklyn (then LA) Dodgers fan. I remember in 1966 taking a bus and the train to Shea Stadium to watch the Dodgers play the Mets.

Wouldn't you know that in the one game I picked the Dodger's pitcher stunk it up, got knocked out in the 2nd inning and, much to my chagrin the hated Mets won.

The pitcher? A 30 year-old old lefty whom I had come to see that day...Sandy Koufax.

Bottom line: While Sean Marshall is no Koufax, he, like any other pitcher can have a bad day.

I still love Sean Marshall. (And I'll always love Koufax!)

Rich Beckman

Yes, I do think it is past time to let Marshall start. Next spring that should be on the agenda. I assume that Z will not be back (fingers crossed) so someone is going to have to step up. Marshall is a good candidate to do that.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Bud, I cannot believe you got to see Koufax.
Thats just so incredibly awesome I have no words.
Bring me Sean Marshall, #3 or #4 guy!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Another Marshall vote.
Me likey.


Koufax retired a month later, at age 30. In his last year he was 27-9 with a 1.73 ERA, 323 innings pitched and 26 complete games (TWENTY-SIX!)

So long as I live, I'll never see a better ballplayer retire so clearly at the peak of his career. It seemed that nobody could beat him that year.

Except the horseshit Mets on August 30, 1966 with his biggest fan, home on leave from the Air Force, sitting alone in hated Shea Stadium wtaching the unbelievable happen.

Baseball (and life) ain't fair!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Thats just an awesome story, Bud.
I wish you had a digital camera back then...

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