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August 28, 2011



Good luck, Tim! If you can catch that dang musky, we can call the summer a success! We are counting on you! Great photos, and I loved the beaver video. Especially when you whistle. It made me laugh.

Ugly baseball lately, so you are not missing a thing. Mark and I joined Todd Rickett's bicycling group on Saturday, which means we rode our bikes from Wrigley Field to Miller Park to watch the Cubs lose. It was a challenging 100 miles, especially since we were blessed with a north wind that we battled most of the way. Took us over 8 hours! But the coolest part was the start of the ride--we started just outside Wrigley and got to ride our bikes into Wrigley through the left field entrance, along the lower level concourse then out the front entrance. How many people get to say they rode their bikes in Wrigley Field? If they had just managed to win the game, it would have been a perfect day.

I want to see BIG FISH pictures! (Having a fisherman for a husband has taught me that the picture is what it's all about!)

Rich Beckman

I LOVE the boat! Great video of the beaver!

Looks like a great time. Good luck!

You can be sure you are not missing anything as far as the Cubs go.

Oddly, I was watching the Packers instead of the Cubs myself.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Bike trip sounds incredible, esp the Wrigley part.
Wind, not so much.
I shall not disappoint in at least the effort involved in catching beeg feesh.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Its so funny because people I talk to up here, this is pre season remember, theyre all, OH IT WAS SUCH A GOOD GAME!
Packer fans.

Rich Beckman

We are all walking around with visions of repeat in our heads.

It was not all that good a game until the last couple of minutes. The ending WAS fun to watch. Pre-season? Packers fans did not enjoy it any more than Caldwell suffered it.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I dont know who it is, but apparently they have a killer 3rd stringer at qb.
How do the Packers do that?

Rich Beckman


Part of it goes back to Favre and Rogers falling in the draft to the Packers where he could sit on the bench for three years and learn the system.

With Rogers out there, Matt Flynn has spent three years on the bench learning the system.

They picked up Graham Harrell ("killer 3rd stringer") as a free agent. He did college at Texas Tech. He "Ranks first in NCAA history with 134 passing TDs and 1,403 completions, and his 15,793 career passing yards rank second only to Hawaii’s Timmy Chang (17,072, 2000-04)."

I think McCarthy gets credit too. Apparently he is very good at developing quarterbacks.

I suppose if Rogers went down, the team might be able to win with Flynn, but if Rogers AND Flynn go down, I do not see Harrell taking the team anywhere.

Probably more than you wanted to know.....

Tim@Cubby Blue

Thats what I mean.
How come the Bears have Caleb Haney or that other guy I cant remember?

Rich Beckman

I don't know that one.

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