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May 28, 2011



Oh my gosh, Tim. That was WAY better than the game yesterday! Way. bwah ha ha ha hahahahahahah

Tim@Cubby Blue


I thought so too.
Good to hear from you.


I haven't been reading much here ... the Cubs are too depressing. I actually watched the finale of The Biggest Loser the other night instead of the Cubs game. I figured: What's the difference? **shrug**

Rich Beckman

Great story!

Nice job showing the culture clash.

I'm guessing the guy by the camera, blue shirt, baseball cap.

Tim@Cubby Blue

You can see it in the stands.
You can hear it in the hallways.
Its just not good right now.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Hes the assistant.
Guy behind him is actually looking in the lens..


Now you're just teasing me.


Fabulous story, Tim. Like you said, how can you get mad at something so brilliant? I'm actually going to the game today. Dempster is pitching and I think Soto is going to be back. There's something to be hopeful about. Time magazine has an article about the science of optimism this week. Guess I need to read it. Can you imagine how depressing it will be if we get swept by the PIRATES?!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Im lookin out my window right now, and all I can say is im so sorry you went down there.
And I hope they call it and dont start up with Demp and have to delay and waste his start, because hes about all weve got.

Now, Im looking for optimism!




I am laughing so hard right now! Please Please Please post the video!!! amazing!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Mr. Linton!
Actually, I have a dvd for you.
You just cant show it to anyone.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Did I speel it rong?

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