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May 31, 2010



Happy Memorial Day! Say Hay to John. I'm celebrating by enjoying one of his recipes Bloody Marys. Cubbies should let you be manager for a day. Couldn't hurt right?

Tim@Cubby Blue

How appropriate of you to comment on this day, E. Pluribus Flack!
It's about to storm like a mutha up here, so I may join you with the Dad Bloody and watch the game indoors.
And...manager for a day!
What WOULD that be like???
Man, I could have fun with this little topic, Flynn - gracias!

Okay, stockin' the fridge and see you soon, Bro.

Aaron Keehnast

Sorry haven't been here in awhile.
I just have to say that the Cubs are really starting to tick me off.
Wells pitched 16 pitches Friday
Lee is in somewhat of a slump.
Rami is batting under .200 (He needs to spend some time in the Triple A,)
Soriano almost dropped a fly ball a few days ago
I made a bet with one of my friends that the Cubs would win the series, saying they would lose the first game, win the second, and win the third by a run. (I was doing good until Albert had to screw things up)
Theriot had an error or two, right?
I swear, if we don't take two from the Pirtates, and the Reds don't take two from the Cardinals, someone is gonna get hurt.
Go Cubs! Go Wells Today (he's already over 16 pitches, doing good)

Cire Ddot Nekliw

Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone had a chance to think about our troops past and present. What's up with the Cub Candy Cane Caps? As I watch they're losing 2-1 in the eighth. Blackhawks are a different story. They weren't on their game Saturday, but found a way to win. The Cubs could learn loads from their hockey counterparts. Tonight the Hawks settle down and play their game, so here's to Toews and Kane and Big Buff getting some points tonight! Not to mention Dat Horsa Guy and Sharpie and Troy Brouwer...

Rich Beckman

Pujols hit 94 home runs in the previous Busch stadium and has hit 78 home runs in the current Busch stadium.

He has hit 23 home runs in Wrigley and 23 at PNC Park. 22 at Minute Maid. 18 at Great American Ballpark (4 at Riverfront). 15 at Miller Park. 12 at Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City), and 10 at Turner Field.

So it is not your imagination that he hits a lot of home runs at Wrigley.

Numbers courtesy of


Tim@Cubby Blue

Hi Aaron.
Well, don't hurt anybody.
It didn't go so good today.
Maybe Lou will make the changes he hinted at yesterday and something will change tomorrow.
How's about more than one run?

Tim@Cubby Blue

Happy Memorial Day Eric!
I had to go.
I saw the 7th at one of the O'Hare bars.
I'm too tired to be really angry about the Cubs right now.
Also, I saw Game 2 went to the Home Team.
I'm actually pretty damned happy.
here's to the hawks!

Tim@Cubby Blue

I tried to find this, Rich.
Man, Pujols is a monster.
Thanks for digging up the real numbers, even if they're only good for the Arch Enemy.

Cire Ddot Nekliw

Cubs woes continue vs the Bucs. I'm with you with this Pittsburgh thing. So we're 1-6 vs them, and Dusty's Reds give up 11 runs in 3 innings while getting pasted 12-4 in St Looie. Terrible Ted on the bump today, I will channel positive vibes towards the east. Speaking of sending our mojo on the road, Blackhawks do it again. Dat Horsa Guy and ex Flyer Ben Eager score 28 seconds apart in the second period to take down Philly 2-1. Antti Niemi rock solid between the pipes. Chicago's best team takes a 2-0 series lead to the city of brotherly hatred Wed and Friday. Did I mention we're pretty good on the road?

Aaron Keehnast

Cub's Formula To Success: 4 Runs. They haven't lost many of the games this year that they have scored 4+ runs. Just like last year. and Well, Cards won and Cubs lost. The next two games will decide what my following actions will be ;)


OK Lou...you say you wanna shuffle up the lineup?

Would you guess that we Cubby-Bluers might have a few suggestions?

To start, let Mr. singles take a rare walk...to the bench for a few days while Mikey guts out his career salvation.

How about a 4-man rotation in the outfield that lets Tyler Colvin play some more baseball?

Let's create a face-saving DL-stint or rehab assignment for Rami.

I don't understand why we need to award starting rotation "status" to 5 guys? Tell the crybabies "you're getting MILLIONS of our fans' hard-earned dollars to pitch where the manager decides to use you. Deal with it!"

You've got lots of "stretched out" quality arms right now: Zambrano, Lilly, Silva, Dempster, Wells AND Gorzelanny, Marshall and now Cashner. If a starter is not getting folks out today then let's see some long-relief. If a starter is not getting folks out this WEEK, then let's see a different starter.

Get rookie-hero Cashner into a lot of games. After all, if he only needs one 98 mph pitch to get an out...you could use him EVERY game, you know?!

While I'm ranting...I'm tired of seeing quality prospects go stale on the bench while the veterans are allowed to slump in the starting lineup for literally MONTHS on end.

You'll be fishing and playing golf this time next year Lou. So this year...WHY NOT MANAGE LIKE YOU WANT TO AND THE HELL WITH CONVENTIONAL WISDOM!!!

Whew...I'm almost out of breath!

Oh yeah, one last thing. Some advice for Tom Ricketts:

Have lunch with Rocky Wirtz some time after the upcoming parade. You're right where he was 3 years ago after another dysfunctional owner left town.

For good.

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