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December 27, 2009



I will never EVER forgive Hendry for getting rid of DeRosa. Also, I would rather have DeRo as a Cardinal than as a Yankee. I hate the Yankees. HATE. They just...BUY everything and anyone. Them throwing money at everything is just...where is the fun, where is the joy in that? There's absolutely no parity possible in baseball when a team can do that.

And of course, the Yankees are also looking at Reed now.

Hendry is going to screw us over. Again. By not re-signing Reed.

Tim@Cubby Blue

I know. The choices are pretty awful, and I couldn't agree with you more about the Yankees and their bankroll.
What's this about Reed?
I'll look around.


Yeah. The Yankees are talking with Reed's agent. Repeatedly.

While Hendry is off "patiently" waiting and making our team suck.


Know what?

Baseball is still a great game. But baseball teams and their management just suck anymore.

It feels more and more like every year the general managers and owners just choose up sides anew, and then we play the next season and see how it all worked out.

The game used to be played on the field. Now it's played in the GM's inner-sanctum club of high-rolling speculative bets.

And nobody rolls higher than the Yankees. The idiot fans in New York think they have "the best team". They don't...they just bought the most expensive team. If I can afford a Ferrari, I can out-muscle your Honda.

So what?

So screw us fans...they figure we'll just keep bidding on Stub-hub for $50.00+ tickets and then showing up and buying $6.25 beers, believing that our Mustang can beat their Ferrari.

It can't.

We'll all sit back here during the off-season, waiting with baited breath to find out who Jim Hendry says the Cubs are for next year. Maybe we'll get the GT version and maybe the Ferrari will get a flat tire.

Don't hold your breath.


So, supposedly the Giants and DeRo are close to a two year deal. *sigh* At least he'll still be in the NL and I'll still be able to watch him. (My heart creaking the entire time, of course.)

Bud, you know how to kick a girl when she's down. And I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT CARS. Wah.


Bud, you'd better not be sending these depressing posts from warm, sunny Arizona!

Tim@Cubby Blue

Bud, you're right.
Pretty much no matter how you slice it, you're right.
Maybe it was more like this than we thought before, only now it's just so public, all this trading stuff.
I sound like a broken record, but remember when baseball stopped at the end of the season, and you didn't hear a peep about it til it was almost opening day.
And then you'd go "look at that, the Cubs got (whoever)."
Maybe I was too casual a fan...


For the record I do not hate the Yankees. I don't. I wouldn't mind if DeRo had gone there because, well, he'd probably get some money and recognition he deserves.
I didn't buy tickets this past season and I doubt I will again this year. I just am not on track with what management is doing. I hope the Ricketts do something for the team but so far Hendry holds the cards and thinks he's playing Go Fish when he is really playing Texas Hold 'Em.
I too miss the days when players played the game. I miss the Rynos and Dawsons and Ripkens, Oh my! I think many players have forgotten why they started playing in the first place. Either that or they simply started playing baseball for all the wrong reasons. It makes me mad and sad at the same time because growing up all my brother and I wanted to do was play ball. We would die for just 1 day as a major leaguer. My brother did play some minor-minor league ball, but clearly I didn't. I digress, as I often do.
To sum, I don't hate the Yankees, still refuse to spend a lot of money on this team, and miss the good ol' days.

Tim@Cubby Blue

Well put, Sarah.

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